The Fountain Hills Mentor Program was developed to offer our children the opportunity to reach their maximum potential.   By providing trusting relationships between young people and individuals, the Program is aimed at developing our youth�s confidence, competence and character.

The Fountain Hills Mentor Program is acknowledged state wide as being a leader in excellence.  A 1st place 2007 Golden Bell Award has been awarded to the FHMP from the Arizona School Board Association.  The Golden Bell Award represents quality leadership and advocacy for children in schools.

Currently, volunteers are involved in McDowell Mountain Elementary, Four Peaks Elementary SchoolFountain Hills Middle School and  Fountain Hills High School . The Program takes place on school grounds and is based around academics and activities. 

Committing one hour per week, volunteers are serving as both tutor and mentor.  While the Fountain Hills Mentor Program brings an enrichment to the lives of our youth, it can�t be underestimated the sense of personal gratification and enjoyment it brings to our volunteers.  Mentoring is rewarding to all those involved!

To volunteer or simply learn more about the Fountain Hills Mentor Program, please call 480-664-5262, email us, or continue through our site.

 What the Mentees Say...

"I feel that I can do homework better since she has helped me."

"My mentor means a lot to me, and I look forward to the time we share..."

 What the Mentors Say�

�My relationship with my mentee has opened up my eyes to the difference that one person can make."

"This is one of the best programs in child and adult development...The experience has been extremely rewarding." 


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