Best Practices

For the purposes of the Fountain Hills Mentoring Program, the following
have been defined as elements of effective mentoring practices.

  • A Statement of Purpose and a Long Range Plan
  • A Recruitment Plan for both Mentors and Mentees
  • An Orientation for Mentors
  • Eligibility Screening for Mentors and Mentees
  • A Readiness and Training Curriculum for Mentors
  • A Matching Strategy for Mentors and Mentees
  • A Monitoring Process
  • A Support, Recognition and Retention Component
  • Closure Steps
  • An Evaluation Process

Policies and Guidelines

  • Commit to at least one hour per week throughout  the school year (from September to May).
  • Fill out the Fountain Hills Mentor Profile Form, print and submit to the Mentor Coordinator by mail. 
  • Mentors must attend the initial orientation training offered by the Fountain Hills Mentor Program.  The  session will last about 2 hours long.
  • Submit necessary information for a background check

Mission Statement

To be a catalyst  to encourage and assist the Fountain Hills educational system in offering our children the opportunity to reach their maximum potential through mentoring. 

 The Fountain Hills Mentor Program is a public/private partnership between the Fountain Hills Unified School District, the Golden Eagle Education Foundation and members of the community.

 The Fountain Hills Mentor Program is overseen by the Fountain Hills Mentor Council, a committee of The Golden Eagle Education Foundation.   

 The Golden Eagle Education Foundation is a 501(C)3 organization dedicated to enhancing and enriching the educational experience of students in the community.  

The Golden Eagle Education Foundation 

Board of Trustees

  • President – Sandy Davis
  • Vice President – Jennybeth McRoy
  • Treasurer – Jeannie Ryan
  • Secretary – Lois McElligott
  • Directors at Large – Nadia Jenkins, Marcia Hoennie,
    Ruth Licht, Pam McNeill, Joanne Meehan

The Fountain Hills Mentor Program  Council

  • Jeannie Ryan – Coordinator
  • Micki Batson
  • Sandy Davis
  • Valerie Dehombre
  • Anne Evans
  • Cain Jagodzinski
  • Steffnie Beck
  • Ruth Licht
  • Joanne Meehan
  • Susan Bovinette
  • Linda McKeever